Get Your Yoga On!

There are so many different reasons to practice yoga including flexibility, spirituality, relaxation, fitness…the list goes on. I want to share with you some of my favorite resources for practicing yoga. I am… Continue reading

A Healthy Birth

I was extremely moved by the film “The Business of Being Born” with Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein. The film explores midwives and maternity care in the United States. The film also examines… Continue reading

Healthy Self-Esteem?

A few months ago, I saw a movie called “America the Beautiful.” It is a film about the image of beauty in America that is given by the media. The film examines how… Continue reading

Organic Facial Masks!

I recently discovered and it is a great resource for finding organic facial masks! There are so many different recipes including recipes for a “Chocolate/Cocoa Mask,” “Melon Facial Masks,” “Olive Oil Facial Masks,” “Pumpkin… Continue reading

Hazardous Herbicides!

I recently came across this article in the Huffington Post about the health risks of the Roundup herbicide. The article is titled “Roundup, An Herbicide, Could Be Linked To Parkinson’s, Cancer And Other… Continue reading

Meatless Meatballs?

This week I tried meatless meatballs and meatless sausage. The meatless sausage was actually not bad. I put it on the frying pan with some butter and it was enjoyable. I would definitely… Continue reading

Vegetarian/Vegan on YouTube

  I came across this video on Youtube the other day and while it is just meant for fun, I can relate! I am getting tired of telling people why I am a vegetarian… Continue reading

Smart Dogs

It has been a number of months now that I have been a vegetarian and I am just now trying meat substitutes. I tried Smart Dogs the other day and I have to… Continue reading

Let’s Talk Dairy!

Like many others, I was told all my life that dairy is good and even essential for a healthy diet. Now, this is all coming into question. Dairy contains pus cells, blood, chemicals,… Continue reading

Healthy Products

Products! Products! Products! Hello April! It is finally April and finally warming up here! I took a short break but this week, I will be catching up on my blogging and my healthy… Continue reading